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Become a Puppy Raiser

Puppy raisers are responsible for shaping the future of newly born puppies, into adulthood.


This volunteer role is essential as it requires you to house, feed, and nurture a puppy to be able to help their disabled partners. The most rewarding moment is watching the puppy you raised get matched with a disabled individual and knowing that your training and expertise are what helped make it all possible.  

Yay! We’re happy that you are considering joining the Gap Service Dog team as a puppy raiser. As a puppy raiser, you will be playing a critical role in the development of a newborn puppy into a service-ready dog. This is both a rewarding and challenging job. Below is a list of expectations and requirements.


  • Agree to a 12-24 month commitment and to return puppy upon request

  • Attend weekly Sunday classes (in the Denver metro area) and follow the puppy raiser manual

  • Basic obedience training

  • Attend canine first aid class

  • Provide monetarily for the puppy

    • Provide food

    • Provide veterinary care

    • Provide toys and extra equipment as needed

  • Provide a safe environment for the puppy

    • Safe (puppy proof?) home

    • Keep the puppy on leash or in a secured fence area

  • Family or housemates must agree to the same methods you are using - consistency

  • Other dogs and/or cats in the house agreeable to having a new puppy in the house

  • Must be 18 or older or have parents/guardians involved in the process

  • Able to handle a 60-80 lb high energy working dog

    • Able to bend, crouch, and kneel

  • Provide sufficient exercise (45-60 minutes daily) for your puppy

  • Able to take the puppy with you daily to work or school with the permission of employer or school.

    • Puppy raising team or puppy sitter

  • Daily socialization outings and training sessions

If you think you have what it takes to become a GAP Puppy Raiser, then apply below:



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